Exploring Big Data in the Maritime Domain

讲座题目:Exploring Big Data in the Maritime Domain

主  讲 人:Prof. Christophe Claramunt




Prof. Christophe Claramunt,Shanghai 1000 Talents Shanghai Maritime University, Logistics Engineering College & Naval Academy Research Institute (France)


While most of current research in geographical information systems addresses issues often related to phenomena and practices related to the land domain, the maritime environment also provides many application opportunities and research challenges that still deserve to be addressed. In the maritime domain, the correlated computational exploitation of heterogeneous data sources and streaming data is a crucial issue., while online tracking, early recognition of events, and anticipation of vessel trajectories are particularly crucial to safety and operations at sea. The objective of this talk is to review current research challenges and development directions tied to the integration, management, analysis, and visualization of objects moving at sea as well as a few suggestions for a successful development of maritime forecasting and decision-support systems. The talk will focus on developments currently addressed by the EU funded datAcron project.