Pathogen transmission and food-safety: Insights from co-feeding transmission

主题:Pathogen transmission and food-safety: Insights from co-feeding transmission
主要内容:The talk will start with some introduction to vector-borne pathogen transmission modeling. The focus will be on recent progress on modeling and analyzing how co-occurrence, in the spatiotemporal proximity of a host, of a susceptible vector with some infected vectors enables the pathogen transmission through a non-systemic transmission route (in collaboration with Xiaotian Wu and Xue Zhang). The talk will then try to compare this transmission route with a potential respiratory disease transmission pathway through contaminated packages of frozen foods. The audience will be invited to an interactive co-development of a potential transmission model to assess the risk of droplet-contaminated food package spread of viral diseases.
专家姓名:Jianhong Wu
专家简介:Jianhong Wu, Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; Fields-CQAM Laboratory of Mathematics for Public Health, York University,Infectious Disease Modelling和Big Data and Information Analytics期刊主编。
时间:2021-01-05 09:00:00